Build Your Own

Unleash your creativity in Winkel Ball by building your own rooms! The build feature in Winkel Ball allows you to build a room just the way you want to.

Build mode gives you access to the blocks found throughout the game. The rooms you build will have the restrictions for Regular Play mode, providing you with 60 seconds and 3 lives to collect the key and get out the door, all while trying to collect 5 stars. You can add randomness to your rooms by not placing the entry door, exit door, key or stars. If these are not placed in the room, they will be randomly placed into the room when you play. This can add to the fun and replay value of your custom made rooms. You will be given a randomly generated title for your room. The arrows either side of the name allow you to keep creating new titles until you are satisfied with the name of your new room.

Do you feel that a room was too hard or too easy to complete? Build your own rooms to suit your skill and play style. Then let other people marvel in your creativity by sharing with the Community.