Download and share rooms with the Winkel Ball community! Winkel Ball allows you to build your own rooms and share them with others. Even if you do not feel like getting creative and building rooms of your own, download rooms other people have created.

Within the community area in Winkel Ball you can:

  • View the top rooms
  • Search for a particular room
  • View the rooms you have shared
  • View the rooms you have downloaded
Within top rooms you can see the top rated games, the most downloaded or keep up to date with the most recently created or updated rooms. Search for rooms with a particular name in the search area. Keep up to date with how well your shared rooms are doing by seeing what average rating you have received from other people and how many people have downloaded it. Play the rooms you download and see if you can get all 5 stars in these rooms as well!

Share the rooms you have created or try out rooms other people have created in Winkel Ball today!