Endless Mode

Endless mode in Winkel Ball is for people who love to strive for a high score. Each room in Endless mode is randomly generated. It is very unlikely you will ever encounter the exact same room twice.

The objective for endless mode is to get the highest score possible. You receive points by breaking blocks. The harder the block is to break, the more points you will receive. There is still a key and an exit in each endless room, but it is not your prime objective to progress through the rooms. Unlike Regular Play, this mode contains score multiplier blocks. They function much the same as the other power ups that can be collected, lasting 10 seconds and boosting the amount of points you receive when breaking blocks.

Each room in endless mode gives you 180 seconds and 3 lives to complete it. Hearts and clocks are scattered throughout the randomly generated rooms. Collect these hearts and clocks to extend your experience in endless mode and assist you in beating your last high score!