Regular Play

Regular play is a great place to introduce yourself to Winkel Ball. Each room will introduce the features and mechanics of Winkel Ball at a steady pace until you have learned everything there is to know about playing this game.

The objective for regular play is to get the key and get out the door. You collect the key by bouncing your ball into the key. Once you have collected the key you can now escape the room. Sometimes it is obvious how to complete the room, and other times you must complete objectives in a specific order. In some rooms, the key is hidden inside mud blocks, boulders or boxes. In order to get the key in some rooms you will have to first hit gears to remove the magic blocks, hit a switch to deactivate spikes or just break through a lot of blocks to get there.

Each room in regular play mode gives you 60 seconds and 3 lives to complete it. There are also 5 stars scattered within each room to give you a guide on how well you have done. Collecting 5 stars in a room can sometimes be very difficult but extremely rewarding once you have done it!